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I'm a sculptor in Refractory Land and I also work in other formats - Painting, Digital Printmaking and Photography.

I tend to look at the bright side of life, and focus on the best in people.


I'm very optimistic and a free thinking dreamer!

I also believe we need to have passion for life, family and especially, our work.

I like to interact with all social and environmental causes, if possible, and

nurture our spiritual consciousness,

which help us grow beyond the materialistic world we live in.

Our time spent on this planet is a gift, and most importantly, we must think of future generations.


2019 - Les Galerie de Saint-Malo s'exposent - Tour Bidouane - Saint Malo - France

            Nuit des Galeries - Hôtel Le Grand Bé - Saint Malo - France


2018 - Opening Atelier-Gallery - Saint-Malo - France

2016   Collective Exhibitions

            Dow and Out in Paris and London - 5th Base Gallery - London

            Paris x New York - SIA NY Gallery - New York

            Art to the world - International Exhibition - Portugal - Hors Concours

            BDMC  Gallery- Paris - France

2015   Collective Exhibitions

            Art Gallery - Art to the world - Berlin - Germany

            Salon d'Automne 2015 Paris - Paris - France

            BDMC Gallery- Paris - France 

            Galerie de l' Echarpe - Toulouse - France


2014   Collective Exhibitions

            Art en Capital - Salon des Artistes Français - Grand Palais - Paris

            Carrousel du Louvre - Foire Internationale d'Art Contemporain - Paris - France

            Art Meeting in Portugal - Geralda da Silva Gallery - Porto/Portugal -

            Hors Concours


            Participation in following Art Book:


            Catalogue Salon D'Automne - Paris

            Catalogue Art en Capital 2014 au Grand Palais - Paris

            Creative Genius - 100 Contemporary Artists - By Petru Rusu - London            

            Art In Vogue - Contemporay Art - By Petru Rusu – London      

            ART UNLIMITED 101 Contemporary Artists - by Petru Rusu - Art Book - London

            Art Book International - Waylight Edition - Lisboa - Portugal

2013   Collective Exhibitions

            Art Meeting in Barcelona - BCM Art Gallery - Barcelona - Spain 
            Carrousel du Louvre - Édition Printemps - Paris - France
            International Fair of Contemporary Art - ARTEXPO NEW YORK - New York
            Art Meeting - International Exhibition - Geralda da Silva Gallery -Porto/Portugal -                                  Hors Concours

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