I'm a sculptor in Refractory Land and include I work in other languages - Painting, Digital Printmaking and Photography.

I tend to look at the bright side of life, and focus the best in people.


I'm very optimistic and a free thinking dreamer!

I also believe we need to have passion for life, family and especially our work.

I like to interact with all social and environmental causes, if possible, and nurture our spiritual consciousness

which help us grow beyond the materialistic world we live in.

Our time spent on this planet is a gift, and most importantly, we must think of future generations.


Body / Spirit / Perispirit

Air / Earth / Rock / Water / Air

Love / Family / Happiness / Peace

To be born / To grow / To ripen / To age / To die / Rebirth


In all my works, I like the superpositions, what result in new discoveries in a archaeological process / desconstructive, allowing a depth look at the essence of life…


We’re made in small layers…Layers superposed day by day, and thus we survive protecting the first one…


The one that define us!


          email: contact@delmagodoy.com

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