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Mixed technique on wood - 2004

The way of Santigo can be made with the directed look and the heart to the different

aspects – religious – cultural – historical – tourist and others.

To iniciate it, it’s necessary to have a minimum of historical knowledge and, I think, some type of search spiritual.

I preceived to the each step, that’s was covering mentally the same current quandary :

Ocident versus Orient.

I walked with blood bubbles, tired, always questioning what it was searching?

The entire time, I was helped by angels who had protected me in these 750 km travelled by the foot.

I felt emotions that normally do not occur in the daily on of the great cities.

My brain was in a lucidity alone, without that no detail was lost.

As pilgrim travelling, through the gorgeous landscapes, passing for wild places,

under rain and cold, I was carrying itself the been one slowly from absolute peace.

With certainly, Santiago followed me in silence.

With certainly, I will continue to make all the ways that allow me to live deeply an initiated spirituality

already in the Patagônia.

The world is magical!

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