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To be an artist is to remain in a situation of discomfort without knowing in advance which direction to take.

The act of creation is like your finger print, unique.


Creation is done by using the right emotion. 


The word creation is a real mystery to everyone.
A favorite question of journalists: what is the process of your creation?

The answer is very difficult for me, because it is sometimes done over several years of observation without realizing it or simply that it does not necessarily require an answer.

This process will always be a secret between the artist and his creation.

Whenever I talk to someone like that I believe we are living in a parallel world!
As for me sometimes the loneliness of the studio is strong and intimate. 

I think the artist will always be inserted in his creation. Whatever the kind of material has been used.

I hope you enjoy looking at my artwork as much as I enjoyed the process.


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