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2019 -2020

Atelier Gallery - Delma Godoy and Pierre-Marie Dossin

2, Place Gasnier-Duparc - Saint Malo - 35400 France


The Atelier-Gallery Delma Godoy and Pierre-Marie Dossin, invites you to discover a set of original works signed by the couple, in a warm atmosphere, located in the heart of Saint-Malo Intra Muros, Saint Malo.

Delma Godoy, a Brazilian artist, is a sculptress in Refractory Earth and also works in other languages: painting, digital printmaking and photography.

Her sculptures are part of imaginary landscapes associated with the materiality of the Refractory Land, a mixture of clays and Brazilian minerals.

With passion and determination, the painting of Pierre-Marie Dossin in the series "Women with hats" is a mix of techniques and supports, where women reflect states of souls, sensations, dreams, through the moving eyes of the author.


Nature, abstraction, emotion or figuration, are tools to give shape and body in their works,
that offer immersion in colors, movements and light.

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