In my work, I associate the materiality with the silent sound of the form.


It's through this process that I search for the exact starting point, but completely atemporal.


I believe that the creation of our universe came from this silence.


I vizualize the way of the wind, silently sculpting, throughout time, landscapes and worlds.


I try to transport myself to this path, creating superposed erosions that fit into a ludic game where the sight finds this mute work.


Inert but at the same time fluttery.


2019 - Les Galerie de Saint-Malo s'exposent - Tour Bidouane - Saint Malo - France

           Nuit des Galeries - Hôtel Le Grand Bé - Saint Malo - France


2018 - Opening Atelier-Gallery - Saint-Malo - France

2016   Collective Exhibitions

            Dow and Out in Paris and London - 5th Base Gallery - London

            Paris x New York - SIA NY Gallery - New York

            Art to the world - International Exhibition - Portugal - Hors Concours

            BDMC  Gallery- Paris - France

2015   Collective Exhibitions

            Art Gallery - Art to the world - Berlin - Germany

            Salon d'Automne 2015 Paris - Paris - France

            BDMC Gallery- Paris - France 

            Galerie de l' Echarpe - Toulouse - France


2014   Collective Exhibitions

            Art en Capital - Salon des Artistes Français - Grand Palais - Paris

            Carrousel du Louvre - Foire Internationale d'Art Contemporain - Paris - France

            Art Meeting in Portugal - Geralda da Silva Gallery - Porto/Portugal - Hors Concours


            Participation in following Art Book:


            Catalogue Salon D'Automne - Paris

            Catalogue Art en Capital 2014 au Grand Palais - Paris

            Creative Genius - 100 Contemporary Artists - By Petru Rusu - London            

            Art In Vogue - Contemporay Art - By Petru Rusu – London      

            ART UNLIMITED 101 Contemporary Artists - by Petru Rusu - Art Book - London

            Art Book International - Waylight Edition - Lisboa - Portugal

2013   Collective Exhibitions

            Art Meeting in Barcelona - BCM Art Gallery - Barcelona - Spain 
            Carrousel du Louvre - Édition Printemps - Paris - France
            International Fair of Contemporary Art - ARTEXPO NEW YORK - New York
            Art Meeting - International Exhibition - Geralda da Silva Gallery -Porto/Portugal - Hors Concours